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'Bonesetter' Pendant

A traditional Irish cure for repairing a broken bone was 'Bonesetting'. This was a skill carried down through the ages in certain families called 'Bonesetters', who were called to a person's house to re-set a broken bone. This adornment shows two arms forming their emblem 'B', with two small hands re-setting the broken bone. When gently maneuvered, these bones click as they rub off each other, mimicking a bone being re-set. 


"True friends are always together in spirit" - L.M. Montgomery

These are tough times we are all going through. Seeing how our friends are supporting us in the darkness and lifting our spirits with a call, a message of love, a virtual hug, can mean so much. This 'Arm-In-Arm' pendant sums up how we feel about our besties, a wee 'I've got your back' in troubled times. Symbolizing two linking arms and made in sterling silver with a textured surface to catch the light, the 'Arm-In-Arm' collection is an ideal gift for those you miss and love. It won't be long before we are all linking arms again soon.



The fire will be lit, the music will be thumping, the dancing will be done! If you're dreaming of home, as we are, so very, very much, this pendant may be for you. It symbolizes turf fibres, rising up to form a flame, the fire being the centre of the old Irish homesteads. Traditionally, friends and family would gather for music, dance and a ceili back in the good old days! A simpler time, less muddied with all the madness of today, in our busy world.


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Stories Told in Silver