Important Information before you order


*The jewellery in this shop is sterling silver except for the old Irish coin jewellery which, as stated, consists of sterling silver settings and chains but with a genuine Irish coin. If you are any way intolerant to nickel based products, for example cheap jewellery or belt buckles give you a rash or inflammation when worn, we strongly advise against the purchase of these coin based product. We want you to enjoy wearing our jewellery not hate it because it makes you sore! All coin based jewellery will come with a warning tag but please, don't chance it if you're nickel intolerant. We won't be held responsible.

*All jewellery presented in this shop adheres to hallmarking standards.

*All jewellery except the old Irish coin jewellery is stamped with my makers mark ETK as well as the 925 sterling silver mark.

*Jewellery is presented in a leatherette jewellery box. Due to the current Covid-19 upset, some boxes may be difficult to purchase due to suppliers closing. In this case, we will email you to inform you if your jewellery will be presented in another box, possibly card or eco friendly.

*Each story card in the description text comes in physical form with the piece you have ordered.

*We have a limited amount of stock made but a whole load of silver here so if you wish to purchase something that is sold out, please email us and let us know. We will try to get it made as soon as possible.

*Due to current Covid-19, we will only be posting on a Thursday to limit the possibility of infection

*Items not already handmade will take 7-10 working days to make. We will notify you via email if this is the case.