Emer Dixon creates handmade jewellery in precious metals, gemstones and found objects. Her work looks at Irish culture as a concept, specifically tradition and ritual, through contemporary design. Emer holds a BA Hons in Fine and Applied Arts, specialising in silversmithing and has won the Craft NI Award in previous years.
Originally from Donegal, but now based in Coleraine on the North Coast of Ireland, Emer is not only inspired by this great land's stories and heritage, but also by the beautiful surroundings of the romantic, rugged, Northern Irish landscape. Her work is mainly narrative, with each piece holding a thought provoking story from Irish culture. 
"Story-telling through my jewellery is imperative, as it allows the wearer of the piece to connect with it. The preciousness of each piece lies in the narrative rather than the monetary value or aesthetics. A memory from childhood of easier days, not sullied by all the mod cons of modern life...An old tradition taught by a grandparent or parent, passed on through the ages like an heirloom...The spoken, broad tongue of our people, uniquely ours. Sharing these keep our Irish heritage alive. This is what I hope to achieve in my jewellery"
                                                    -Emer Dixon